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Polymer Clay Inspired By…..Eww, Gross!

I LOVE all the Pirates of the Caribbean movies! A while back, I thought it would be funny to make a necklace just like the one the native girls gave Jack Sparrow before he was to be roasted. Yikes, I mean Captain Jack Sparrow! So, I did. I got a lot of looks and comments on it. Everyone that touched it had the feeling they needed to wash their hands, even knowing it was clean polymer clay!  I finished another one yesterday and put it up on Etsy.

They really are rather creepy.  I  think my daughter wants me to go back to making cute things. Today she said “Why do you have to make gross body parts?!”. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, I made an Ear Key Ring too. A while ago I sold a Toe Key Ring to someone who said they were actually looking for an ear.

I guess I would have thought it was weird if my mom was making severed body parts too.  – Tina


When Good Cookies Go Bad…

A Christmas doesn’t go by without decorating sugar cookies. This year all three of my (teenage) kids had their sweethearts come over to help. Due to availability, it was three different days of sugar highs.

We started out with gingerbread houses. Things were looking good.

Then 2 gingerbread trains and a truck(we ran out of pieces for the third train). But that was ok, I think…

The truck ran over a snowman?

Then last night after ice skating…

zombie sugar cookies.

It was a lot of fun, all three days of playing with sugar. I hope Santa appreciates all this hard work. At least it all tastes good!

Have a wonderful holiday, Merry Christmas!

 – Tina –