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One Angry Carrot

I just baked some polymer clay carrot pens. Looking at all those happy little faces…

Oh, #%&*!

I didn’t put a hole in one guy’s head for his feather carrot top!!

Yikes, he is not happy about this either.

As soon as I get their tops on they will be going up in my Etsy shop.


A New Crop of Green…Polymer?

Well, looky here! A new crop of polymer clay asparagus pens. Lovingly hand raised from little polymer clay seedlings. See how happy they are to be out here. Come on guys, it’s time to go in now.

I’ve just finished them. I don’t know why I don’t make them more often. They seem to be a pretty good seller on Etsy, go figure. I guess people do like their veggies!

Polymer Clay Pickles

New in my Etsy shop …drum roll, please…Pickle Pens! Pick one up for a sweet gift.

I’ve heard of Christmas pickle ornaments and I don’t know what that’s all about. But that’s ok. I guess, I could look it up. To me, it sounds like an advertising gimmick. Because having a pickle pen makes sooo much more sense!

 How about a scoop boys?   – Tina –