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Gold Polymer Clay Cut Away Steampunk Heart

Whew! That is a mouthful. Maybe I could add a few more adjectives in the title. BTW, the only reason I even know what an adjective is, is from playing Mad Libs. But, I guess that’s another story.

Back to the Heart.

I have carefully cut away half of this heart, exposing its inner works. Muahahaha…. Very steampunky indeed. Maybe I should have been a surgeon. I probably would have been quite successful… if people were made of polymer clay.

I just listed this in my Etsy Shop. You can see more pictures and a better description there.   Tina


Working With Time

Ok, maybe not time so much as time pieces. You know, steampunk.

Usually, I will work on a batch of things and then jump to something else. Some people call it working on a series, I call it a mood. Because it’s a new year I’m in the mood for something time related. By the way, Happy New Year!

 I finally listed a couple of steampunk necklaces that I had done about a month ago.

 Since working on these I’ve jumped from baking cake pops to sewing shorts and a sock monkey for my daughter to sculpting clay cherries in polymer clay. So, after listing these on Etsy I’m feeling like making more! I love playing with the little watch pieces, all the itty bitty screws and gears.

…or maybe I’ll make more cake pops…

Tina   0.O

Scorpio Steampunk Heart Necklace

A friend of mine gave me a little scorpion charm the other day. She told me she probably wasn’t going to use it(she’s more the roses and soft color kind of girl). It sorta made me wonder what did she think I was going to do with it?!

Well, here you go. In a steampunk heart, where it should be. Aren’t Scorpios supposed to be all about love and romance? I know, it is a little on the dark side. I think it adds a little mystery to it. It is a little lighter than the picture shows.

I think it would be perfect for Morticia Addams!

It’s in my Etsy Shop for sale!

– Tina –