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Happy Halloween 13

Yes, It’s here! Have a safe and Happy Halloween!


I am thrilled!



Angry Pumpkin and Nervous Birds

Just one more day!
I wish I had done this sooner. I love this little punky! I need to fix up his buddies behind him too.


I used to make teddy bears. I still have lots of eyes and noses! Perfect for a quickly pumpkin!


Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from us & our pumpkins!

I’m roasting their guts right now. Ok, not their guts, just the seeds.

Yum!   -Tina-

Polymer Clay To Keep From Getting Bit

It won’t necessarily keep bugs away…

…but, maybe it’ll work on any vampires eyeing your jugular!

I like working on goofy and quirky things. I enjoy showing someone my latest creations, watching them kinda tilt their head and then start laughing!

There have been a few times I have had to explain what my intentions were. I got a little too carried away. Just another misunderstood artist, lol!