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We’re Lion Around Here

These guys don’t seem like they need a tamer. If they were any more tame they’d be asleep!



These were fun cats to make. I think I’ll make a few more.



Little Tiny Jumbos

While still working on that circus stuff, these lil’ gals are keeping me company!


Waiting to perform. These girls are available in my etsy store now!

Keep the trumpeting down girls! I’m trying to work here!


Polymer Clay Cat on a Perch

This little tiger is struggling to get on top of this bird perch. Wanting to get the birdseye view of the room, he is having a tough time. The mouse is no help.


Ooof! One foot up…

Head over to my Etsy Shop for more!


Red Tabby Muffin Top

The other day I was asked if I could make a cat on a pen. What?! I don’t have any?! How could I have missed my favorite pet? I’ve only had cats all my life. Lots of cats. This is in memory of Bruiser, a big boy and a big sweetheart.

muffin top

My love of cats is from these funny felines…

Tiger, Mamacita, Chiquita, Jupiter, Scooter Pie, Venus, Pongo, Peppermint, Charles, Chelsea, Bridgette, Lillian, Stumpy, Addie, Ziggy, Princess, Kittums, Bruiser, Dinah and Fred.

Kitty Serenade

My Hubby and Bruiser >o.o<

Every Birdie Say “Cheese!”

It’s rare to get that group shot where nobody is blinking!

Here are a few of the new kids on the block.. er, I mean, perch!


I am not that familiar with all the different kinds of birds in the parrot type family, but I’m learning! I love looking at all the wonderful pictures people post of their feathered family members. Their pet birdies look like a lot of fun to have around.

–  Tina –

Ready For The Hop

This year the San Diego Polymer Clay Guild’s retreat theme is 50’s Rock & Roll. It’s been a lot of fun and a lot of work getting ready for it. I can’t believe it’s next week. Panic has already set in…what do I need to do still?!….what have I forgotten?!

Naturally, I have run out of time to do all the things I wanted to do. But, at least I finished this…

A little pink bird with saddle shoes and a big bow on her head. She is ready for the hop!

That makes one of us.  – Tina –

Sitting Bull and Standing Horse

While I was making more animal figurines, this guy was getting tired.

Patiently waiting for the horse to get finished.

All done and ready to go up on Etsy. I need to make more, you can’t have too many farm animals in the house… can you?  – Tina