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Message in a Bottle

Jeepers! It’s been a long time since my last post!

 Well, let me get to it!

Today I finally put notes in the Bottles of Hope that I made.

I loved making these. I hope they bring a smile to someone who really needs one. Our guild will them to a local cancer treatment center and give them to patients going through chemotherapy. I don’t usually make this many. A lot of times I’m stuck staring at a bottle trying to figure out how I want to cover it. This time I gave up the notion that they had to be some sort of designer bottle. I was wondering why I was stressing over it and gave myself permission to do it Tina style. I figured it’s what I do best.

Kinda like Frank, I did it my way!

More info on Bottles of Hope click here. 


Polymer Clay Octopus on the Beach Picture Frame

Oh no! There isn’t a picture in this frame! Violet, the octopus, looks so upset about it. Or could it be because the tide has gone out and she is still on the beach?

Wouldn’t this be cute with a picture of a bathing beauty in it and Violet looking like she’s just shocked at what the girls wear these days!

Yup, it’s for sale in my Etsy Shop!  – Tina

Pick a Peck of Pinkies in Polymer Clay

Fresh from the sea, a few pink octos…

…perched on top of pens!

Hanging out on the beach watching the girls go by. Not saying a word, too shy?…or maybe it’s just because they have no backbone.

I just listed some pens in my Etsy Shop!