Keep the Squawking Down!

These silly birdies were so chatty for this photo shoot!

photo (3)

I have never met an African Grey, so I searched images. They all looked so inquisitive and fun. Not many pictures were of the parrots upright! I love making groups of birds… or animals…even the veggies. They seem to look happier in herds.


3 responses to “Keep the Squawking Down!

  1. They do look happier in herds. lol I like that.
    African Greys are so interesting. They learn so many words and reactions. Your’s is so cute. 🙂

    • Thanks E.C., I’ve always wanted parrots. I can handle these guys, no mess. 🙂

      • Yeah, if it wasn’t for the money, mess and maintenance, I’d love to have an African Grey and a Conure and a macaw and a parakeet and a kangaroo and a hippopotamus and aa monkey and aa penguin and a bunch of other cool critters. lol Seriously, If I had a lot of money and could afford employees to tend the herd, I would love to have a zoo. 😉
        But like you, I’ll stick to the wee inanimate ones. 🙂

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