Nose to Nose Polymer Clay

Still working on kitty pens.

This guy was surprised to find he was not the only one on top of this tree stump! Not many birds would stand up to a cat. This must be some tough birdie.

nose to nose

I don’t know how long this stare down will be.

This and  others available in my Etsy Shop!

– Tina –


2 responses to “Nose to Nose Polymer Clay

  1. Aw sweet. Your Kitty & birdie are darling. 🙂

    I’ve ordered a new Professional Ultimate Makings Extruder, I can hardly wait to get it. I got one of the dinky ones years ago, but it weren’t no fun at all. Hopefully, my sculpting mood will kick in when the ultimate one arrives and I can make some fun stuff with it. 😉

    • Thank you E.C.!
      You are going to love that Extruder! I really love mine. Um, one thing though, everyone in the house will know when you’re using it. It squeeeeeeeeks! I guess it’s the trade off for it being easy to use and fun.

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