And The Bead Goes On

I’m back in the mood for beading… sort of. I’m not sure if this counts as beading in the way you normally think of.

Inspired by the Huichol Indians of Mexico, I have decorated the top of a wood box.

Making up the design as I go, one bead at a time. I like working on this kind of project when I have little bits of time here and there. I can stop and start at a moment’s notice and even let my mind wander. I’m almost done with a smaller one I started Wednesday night. I haven’t worked on it today, I’ll go finish it after I make/order dinner…tee hee!

Also, I think, I’m going to paint the box black….you think?

– Tina –


3 responses to “And The Bead Goes On

  1. Gorgeous! That is amazing. You must have the patience of a saint. Beautiful. 🙂
    Will you seal that with a resin or a varnish finish? or a glass pane?

    • Rather than using wax traditionaly used, I used polymer clay coated with liquid clay for the base. So, it was pretty goopy/mucky when I put the beads in. They should be fine.
      I really don’t want to cover up the beads, I like to feel them.
      Oooooo ahhhhhh…

      • I didn’t know about the wax. I just thought folks dotted glue or something like that on each one before they set them. Your using polymer clay with liquid clay is an awesome idea. You are such a clever girl. I’m like you on feeling the textures. 🙂

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