Message in a Bottle

Jeepers! It’s been a long time since my last post!

 Well, let me get to it!

Today I finally put notes in the Bottles of Hope that I made.

I loved making these. I hope they bring a smile to someone who really needs one. Our guild will them to a local cancer treatment center and give them to patients going through chemotherapy. I don’t usually make this many. A lot of times I’m stuck staring at a bottle trying to figure out how I want to cover it. This time I gave up the notion that they had to be some sort of designer bottle. I was wondering why I was stressing over it and gave myself permission to do it Tina style. I figured it’s what I do best.

Kinda like Frank, I did it my way!

More info on Bottles of Hope click here. 


4 responses to “Message in a Bottle

  1. Tina-style is awesome! I’ve never seen anything like these. They are so fun and cheerful. I love that you’re going to give these to patients to give them a smile. You are a marvel my friend. 🙂

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