Whooo’s For Graduating?!

Well, that’s two down and one to go! Last Thursday my daughter graduated from high school. We had some of the family over for lunch. She didn’t want anything big, it was only about 19 people. I didn’t go nuts with decorations. In fact, I hardly did anything…

I just made some felt owl pillows.

I bought this pattern on Etsy. Cute and easy, YES! I added the cap for this occasion. I love hand sewing felt. I kept them simple for this party, it was high school you know! There was a couple more that didn’t make the photo shoot, they were adopted.

Whew, made it!  – Tina


5 responses to “Whooo’s For Graduating?!

  1. Tina! How darling… those caps are brilliant! I’m so glad you let me know about this post!!!!
    Cute, cute, cute!!!!

  2. Yea! Nikki! I love the owls. They are super cute. I am sure that some got adopted. I would think they would all find new homes if you dare offer them. They are fun.

  3. Oh what charming little owls. They are so cute. I love the graduation caps. 🙂

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