Off Season Mint Cookies

I can’t afford to buy all the Thin Mint cookies we would like for the entire year all in one shot. But I can make something very similar with just 3 ingredients!

…and eat them non-stop all year round.

All you need is 1 bag of dark chocolate candy melts, a few more than 1 long pack of Ritz Crackers and about 1 tsp. of peppermint extract. Yes, I know, in the picture is the vanilla melts. These are all we have in left in the house right now. Gee, I wonder why? 😀

Just melt the chocolates, stir in the peppermint extract, flip a cracker around in the chocolate and cool on waxed paper.

Enjoy! Mmmm…  – Tina


2 responses to “Off Season Mint Cookies

  1. Oh my, these look scrumptious. What a great way to have mints. Yummy! Thanks for sharing this simple recipe. 🙂

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