A New Crop of Green…Polymer?

Well, looky here! A new crop of polymer clay asparagus pens. Lovingly hand raised from little polymer clay seedlings. See how happy they are to be out here. Come on guys, it’s time to go in now.

I’ve just finished them. I don’t know why I don’t make them more often. They seem to be a pretty good seller on Etsy, go figure. I guess people do like their veggies!


11 responses to “A New Crop of Green…Polymer?

  1. Your pens are so cool. They have so much expression. They look like they could sing & dance. 🙂

    • Thanks E.C. I think they do when I’m not around.
      It’s funny, when I mail them I wrap them up in bubble wrap, I get concerned covering their face! You know…will they be ok?

      • I totally understand, Once upon a time, I bought some dolls to design & sew outfits for. As soon as they arrived I’d tear open the box and remove the coverings from their face.
        I think it maybe because: there’s a part of our heart that knows thinks there maybe life in the ‘dolls’ since there maybe a quantum doorway to one of the multi-verses where we are the ‘dolls’ and they are the intelligent beings. We as ‘dolls’ would need to breath therefore in our universe our dollies need to breath too.
        Reckon? 😉

  2. Wow. That’s deep.
    I reckon you might have something there.

    Lol! 😀

  3. *smiles* I like those asparagus fellows! Charming bunch…

  4. It is hard to get asparagus to grow. These guys really look happy. We used to pick them wild where I grew up. You just can’t get better than fresh! Kelly

  5. littlebluehearts

    Aww, these little guys are awesome! I love their faces 🙂

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