Sitting Here Molding

I’ve been busy lately. Only not much new to share… until last Tuesday. I had my friend Gloria over. We made molds of buttons and some fancy metal  pieces. We’re in a button swap through the San Diego Polymer Clay Guild. I think they are due next month… I better find out! I have lots of molds for clay already, funny thing is, I very seldom use them. I much prefer to do things by hand. Anyway, it was fun making molds with Gloria. Also, who said I have to make buttons from the button molds?

Here is what we had finished. We couldn’t do them all, you have to figure in extra time for visiting. She has so many buttons and charms and so did I. It looked like a table full of treasure!

What’s next on the “to do” list, Gloria?!  – Tina


6 responses to “Sitting Here Molding

  1. Gosh darn you two!! I would have loved to join you!!
    Thanks a lot! ;-D
    I clicked your ad too.
    Love and hugs.

  2. I so love this!!! I also love the peppers in your header!!

  3. Sounds like a fun and cool moldy day you had. Your molds look great. Mold making is quite fun. Even though I’ve made several, when I sculpt I usually free-hand it and forget about my molds. lol 🙂

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