Polymer Clay Inspired By…..Eww, Gross!

I LOVE all the Pirates of the Caribbean movies! A while back, I thought it would be funny to make a necklace just like the one the native girls gave Jack Sparrow before he was to be roasted. Yikes, I mean Captain Jack Sparrow! So, I did. I got a lot of looks and comments on it. Everyone that touched it had the feeling they needed to wash their hands, even knowing it was clean polymer clay!  I finished another one yesterday and put it up on Etsy.

They really are rather creepy.  I  think my daughter wants me to go back to making cute things. Today she said “Why do you have to make gross body parts?!”. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, I made an Ear Key Ring too. A while ago I sold a Toe Key Ring to someone who said they were actually looking for an ear.

I guess I would have thought it was weird if my mom was making severed body parts too.  – Tina


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