Working With Time

Ok, maybe not time so much as time pieces. You know, steampunk.

Usually, I will work on a batch of things and then jump to something else. Some people call it working on a series, I call it a mood. Because it’s a new year I’m in the mood for something time related. By the way, Happy New Year!

 I finally listed a couple of steampunk necklaces that I had done about a month ago.

 Since working on these I’ve jumped from baking cake pops to sewing shorts and a sock monkey for my daughter to sculpting clay cherries in polymer clay. So, after listing these on Etsy I’m feeling like making more! I love playing with the little watch pieces, all the itty bitty screws and gears.

…or maybe I’ll make more cake pops…

Tina   0.O


2 responses to “Working With Time

  1. Sounds like you’ve had a fun filled busy creative time. Cool! 🙂

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