My Own Blog Now

Hi, I’m Tina. Some of you know me from KTdidclay. My little mini biz is doing pretty good and I thought it was time to have a blog of my own. It’s still under construction.

I’ll be back soon to get this thing going!



2 responses to “My Own Blog Now

  1. I had subscribed to your rss feed on my pc but never saw an update from when you first opened this blog. It kept reading ‘page not found’. The other day, I clicked on your avatar and subscribed to your blog hoping you’d open it soon and then after you subscribed to mine I came back and saw that you’ve been posting here for a long while.
    I felt so bad that I hadn’t seen all your fun and interesting stuff. I hadn’t had time to sort out the problem that I was having. Then this morning, I tried to post your rss feed on my Friend Ship blog and discovered the problem… I somehow subscribed to a wrong url that was backwards to yours on this blog. I’m befuddled as to how I did that.
    Happily, I’m straightened out now and plan to visit and be an active part your blog from now on. I’m sorry I took so long to visit, I hope you’ll forgive me. 😦
    Your blog is awesome. Keep up the great work!

    • Hi E.C.!
      Thanks! Hey, I’m just glad you found me!
      I noticed you subcribed to the other blog and I found out that I had that one as my primary blog. I changed it to invisible. That might have been the problem….my bad 😦 .
      Thank you for hanging in there.

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